Claude 3 Expands with Tool Integration

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Good morning. It’s Monday, April 8th.

Did you know: 10 years ago today, Microsoft ended support for Windows XP?

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  • Archetype AI Unveils Newton: Sensor Data AI

  • Altman & Ive's AI Device: Beyond Phones

  • Claude 3 AI Expands with Tool Integration

  • 5 New AI Tools

  • Latest AI Research Papers

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Today’s trending AI news stories

Newton, Archetype AI's Pioneering Model for Real-Time Physical World Understanding

Archetype AI has introduced Newton, a pioneering "physical AI" model designed to interpret sensor data and provide real-time answers about the physical world by combining it with natural language.

Unlike existing models trained solely on text and images, Newton utilizes diverse sensor data, including accelerometers, gyroscopes, radars, cameras, microphones, and thermometers, aiming to extract complex insights beyond human comprehension.

The startup has secured notable investors such as Venrock, Amazon Industrial Innovation Fund, and Hitachi Ventures, with early clients including Infineon and Volkswagen.

Led by former Google executives, Archetype AI plans to expand its team and scale Newton across various industries, capitalizing on the potential of the "trillion sensor economy." Read more.

OpenAI's Sam Altman and ex-Apple Jony Ive's AI Device Doesn't Look Like a Phone

According to The Information (Paywalled), OpenAI CEO Sam Altman and renowned Apple designer Jony Ive are collaborating on an AI device that diverges from traditional smartphones, focusing on intuitive voice interaction. The startup is in funding discussions with prominent investors like Emerson Collective and Thrive Capital, seeking up to $1 billion.

The potential success of this venture could bolster OpenAI's standing in the AI device market against competitors like Meta, Google, and Humane.

However, some investors are cautious about valuations for an unproven product category. Altman's parallel initiatives include developing AI training and inference chips, potentially rivaling Nvidia. Read more.

Anthropic Enhances Claude 3 AI with External Tool Support

Anthropic has expanded its Claude 3 AI model with support for external tools, enabling document access, complex calculations, and sub-agent orchestration. Claude relies on detailed JSON descriptions of tools to select the right one from hundreds available.

The descriptions should clarify tool functionality, usage conditions, parameter meanings, and limitations. Claude's decision-making process is illustrated through a "chain of thought" display, aiding debugging.

Opus, the top model, excels at handling multiple complex tools and missing parameters, while Haiku invokes tools even without explicit arguments. With this update, Claude's applications can be significantly broadened, facilitating customer service, data extraction, and subagent control. Read more.

🖇️ Etcetera

5 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Faraway is an AI-powered movie app that offers AI voice-over, character consistency, and simple editor interface.

Nuanced is an AI image content detection tool that safeguards against deepfakes and AI-generated spam.

Kopia AI is a virtual try-on that enables customers to preview products on their body and face.

​​Off/Script is a community-driven product creation platform that transforms user ideas into tangible products, handling logistics. Creators retain IP rights.

Enago Read is an AI-powered reading assistant that streamlines literature review for researchers. Features smart organization, personalized summaries, AI-generated summaries, collaborative workspaces, and AI Copilot.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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