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ElevenLabs Sound Effects, Jailbreaking ChatGPT, and more

Good morning. It’s Monday, June 3rd.

Today in Tech History: On this day in 1986, Super Mario Bros. 2 was released.

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Today’s trending AI news stories

ElevenLabs Debuts AI-powered Tool To Generate Sound Effects

ElevenLabs, the startup famous for voice doppelgangers, introduced a new sonic sorcery tool – an AI-powered sound effects generator. Users can conjure audio phantoms like "crashing waves" or "racing car engines" with a simple text prompt. It also whips up instrumental snippets, like guitar loops or jazz sax solos, albeit restricted to 22-second durations.

Free users receive 10,000 character generations per month, equivalent to nearly 60 sound effects. The company utilized Shutterstock's audio library to train its model and restricts sound generation related to prohibited content categories like self-harm or fraud. While ElevenLabs faces competition in the music generation space, including from Stability AI-backed Harmonai and Google's MusicLM, its focus on sound effects offers a unique niche in the market. Read more.

Creative Stories Can Jailbreak ChatGPT Voice, Study Finds

Researchers at CISPA cracked the code on OpenAI's ChatGPT voice mode, exposing vulnerabilities ripe for "jailbreak" attacks that circumvent the model's security measures. By employing a new technique called "VoiceJailbreak," which involves crafting fictional stories to manipulate the model into providing unauthorized responses, the success rate of these attacks increased significantly.

The study, focused on GPT-4o's responses to prohibited topics, demonstrated an average success rate increase from 3.3% to 77.8%. The researchers found that advanced narrative techniques, such as perspective changes and foreshadowing, further improved the success rate. However, the study's limitations, including manual testing and focus on audible attacks only, suggest potential for even stronger attacks in the future. It remains unclear whether the vulnerabilities extend to the new voice feature of GPT-4o or are limited to the existing ChatGPT Voice. Read more.

New Streaming Service Will Let Viewers Create Their Own Shows Using AI

Fable Studio unveils "Showrunner," a new streaming platform poised to rewrite the script on content creation. This brainchild merges generative AI with storytelling, allowing users to craft their own episodes by dictating scenes, characters, and dialogue. Leaning on Fable's Emmy-winning pedigree in interactive media, Showrunner aspires to transform viewers from passive observers to active participants.

Critics, however, whisper anxieties about displaced creators and copyright quagmires. Unfazed, Fable sees Showrunner as the future of AI-driven entertainment. By encouraging user-generated content and providing revenue-sharing opportunities, Showrunner positions itself as a pioneer in AI-powered storytelling. With Showrunner's debut, Fable sets its sights on democratizing content creation and pushing the boundaries of viewer engagement in the narrative arts. Read more.

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5 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Ivee is a B2B influencer marketing platform leveraging AI to identify, assess, and collaborate with industry opinion leaders from LinkedIn, YouTube, Substack, and Apple Podcasts.

Artizyou provides AI and blockchain-based IP protection for creators, offering tools to catalog, certify, and detect plagiarism for various digital works.

LinkedCRM AI is a Chrome extension for sales on LinkedIn, using AI to collect lead data, access emails, and enhance sales strategies.

Wisio Stats is an AI-powered tool for statistical analysis, allowing users to paste data and receive comprehensive analysis and reports.

Webtap is an AI-driven web scraper enabling no-code data extraction from any website using natural language queries, offering unlimited requests and seamless data exports.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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