Elon's X AI Releasing a LLM?

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Today’s trending AI news stories

This will be interesting. X might be releasing their own large language model, in a surprise announcement by Elon in the middle of the night. Expect to hear more about this over the weekend - we’ll include a full brief on Monday’s edition.

AI in Health and Environment

Apple Watch to Get Plans Hypertension, Sleep Apnea Detection with its 2024 Apple Watch, targeting hypertension, and sleep apnea detection, and introducing hearing aid features in AirPods, backed by AI health coaching and new Vision Pro tools.

MetNet-3: A state-of-the-art neural weather model available in Google products for accurate 24-hour forecasts. Focused on crucial variables like temperature and wind, MetNet-3 uses high-resolution data to predict with enhanced spatial granularity, outperforming current models. Integrated into Google products, it delivers real-time, hyperlocal weather insights, aiding decision-making and safety measures amidst extreme weather phenomena.

AI Advancements in Content Creation

Stability AI brings advanced 3D and image fine-tuning to Stable Diffusion The updates include the Sky Replacer tool and an invisible watermark for authenticity, positioning Stability AI uniquely in the competitive generative AI market and aiding enterprises with creative workflows.

Novel Text-to-3D Generative AI Solution From a Chinese Developer Deemos introduces Rodin-Gen-1, an advanced AI capable of crafting 3D models from text inputs, promising advancements in AI-driven metaverse development. With the potential for complex shapes and PBR textures, the assets it generates require retopologizing. Details remain scant as the developers encourage AI aficionados to join a waitlist for further information.

Midjourney update brings the ability to create custom styles Midjourney introduces ‘Style Tuner’, a new feature enabling users to craft custom styles and apply them to their image creations. By simply entering prompts and making selections, users can personalize images down to color and character detail, further expanding the creative capabilities offered by AI in digital artistry. This innovative tool provides a unique way for artists and designers to refine their visions with AI-generated styles, making Midjourney a potent ally in the realm of generative art.

Runway Gen-2 Video Enhancement for text-to-video and image-to-video generation with Gen-2, markedly enhancing the quality and coherence of generated video content.

Kaiber Mobile Launched offering robust text-to-video, image-to-video, and video-to-video features, alongside unique in-app tools in collaboration with renowned musicians.

Genie by Luma AI is a free text-to-3D generator for Discord Designed to revolutionize game development and virtual production, Genie provides rapid prototyping by delivering initial 3D models in seconds and offering refinement options for more intricate designs. Currently, a free research preview, Genie marks a significant stride towards accessible generative AI in 3D content creation, with plans to evolve into a paid service.

AI Integration in Products and Services

LinkedIn passes 1 billion members and launches new AI chatbot to help you get a job Enhancing its suite of generative AI tools for Premium members, the Microsoft-owned platform focuses on automated recruitment, job descriptions, and profile writing, with recent layoffs affecting its engineering unit. The chatbot, leveraging OpenAI’s GPT-4, represents a strategic move to reinvigorate revenue growth amid slowing expansion.

Google launches generative AI tools for product imagery to US advertisers and merchants following Amazon’s recent implementation. The new Product Studio allows for the creation of customized product visuals using text-to-image AI, streamlining image production for marketing purposes. This free feature can enhance or alter images for diverse campaigns, aiding businesses to efficiently repurpose visuals. The rollout includes additional merchant-focused updates to Google Search and Maps, aiming to enrich shopper information and highlight small businesses.

Mural intros Mural AI integrates with Microsoft 365 Copilot streamlining the workflow between systems for enterprise users. This collaboration simplifies searching and accessing Mural’s templates directly through Copilot, enhancing user experience in visual collaboration platforms and leveraging the power of generative AI for more intuitive, efficient teamwork and project management. Available now, this integration ensures users gain more value from Mural with faster adoption and clearer ROI.

Microsoft’s new AI-powered Office assistant is here — if you’ve got $9,000 and 300 friends The AI-powered assistant is now available for enterprise customers who opt into a $30 monthly premium per use, with a minimum commitment of 300 users. Aimed at transforming document creation and editing, Copilot’s launch is selective, requiring direct engagement with Microsoft for purchase. This phased rollout begins a significant shift in how knowledge workers interact with Office applications, signaling a future where AI integration is standard for business productivity tools.

Snowflake Puts Industry-Leading Large Language and AI Models in the Hands of All Users with Snowflake Cortex Users can quickly develop contextualized AI-powered apps, leveraging tools like Meta AI’s Llama 2 model. Snowflake also introduces LLM-powered Snowflake Copilot and Universal Search for enhanced analytics and productivity, promising secure, governed data, and AI app creation for users of all expertise levels.

AI in Computational Resources and Infrastructure

With Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) Capacity Blocks, users can now schedule GPU instances for AI jobs with cost certainty, reserving necessary resources for up to 14 days. This flexible, auction-style offering is available in the AWS US East (Ohio) region, providing dynamic pricing and automatic shutdown after the reserved time ends.

The UK government commits $273M to develop Isambard-AI, poised to become the nation’s most advanced supercomputer with Nvidia’s GH200 Grace Hopper chips, targeting 21 exaflops AI performance. Scheduled for summer 2024 at the University of Bristol, this supercomputer aims to significantly enhance the UK’s computational capabilities in AI research and applications.

Scarlett Johansson demands AI app stop using her likeness in an ad without her permission Scarlett Johansson's attorney compelled the removal of an AI-generated ad from Lisa AI: 90s Yearbook & Avatar, which unlawfully featured her likeness. The ad, originally on X, has since been pulled, amid wider concerns over unauthorized deepfake use in advertising.

AI In A Box Envisions AI As A Private, Offline, Hackable Module Useful Sensors introduces AI in a Box, a compact, private AI module capable of voice recognition, translation, and interactive conversations without an internet connection. It is tailored for hacking, even functioning as a voice keyboard, and is built on the RockChip 3588S SoC with an anticipated shipping date of January 2024. The open-source project emphasizes user modification, challenging the limitations of conventional digital assistants.

Instagram spotted developing a customizable ‘AI friend’ The feature, named “AI friend,” enables users to build and interact with a customizable chatbot. This AI, said to be powered by OpenAI’s GPT-4, offers personalized conversations across a range of interests, with user-defined traits like age, gender, ethnicity, and personality. The development sparks concerns about anthropomorphization risks and the need for transparent AI-user interaction.

A ‘world-first’ AI agreement, Elon Musk and a King’s speech: The key takeaways from the UK AI summit Global leaders signed the Bletchley Declaration to address AI safety, with notable speeches from Elon Musk and King Charles III highlighting AI’s potential and risks. The agreement aims to establish regulatory frameworks, while U.S. VP Kamala Harris calls for immediate action against AI threats. The UK, under PM Rishi Sunak, aspires to lead in AI without new legislation, competing against US and EU initiatives and China’s growing AI governance.

Brave responds to Bing and ChatGPT with a new 'anonymous and secure' AI chatbot Brave introduces Leo, an ‘anonymous and secure’ AI chatbot, as a privacy-centric alternative to Bing Chat and Google Bard. Leo, free for all Brave desktop users, emphasizes privacy, ensuring chat interactions aren’t recorded. A premium version, leveraging Anthropic’s AI and offering advanced features, is available for $15 per month, with mobile support anticipated soon. Leo represents Brave’s commitment to merging AI utility with stringer user privacy standards.

AI Job Market and Education

The most in-demand AI job of 2023 can pay over $200,000 and offers remote opportunities The AI job market is abuzz with demand for data scientists, whose expertise is crucial for interpreting AI model data. With demand skyrocketing by nearly 4,000% for generative AI roles, data scientists are key for smart business insights. Salaries reflect this need, with entry-level positions earning around $122,738 and senior roles offering over $200,000. These positions often include remote work options, emphasizing the importance of adaptability and machine learning enthusiasm.

The New NASA Designed SuperPrompt For ChatGPT, How And Why It Works. NASA’s new BIDARA SuperPrompt for ChatGPT marks a significant stride in generative AI, blending mimicry with technology to foster sustainable innovation. BIDARA, standing for Bio-Inspired Design and Research Assistant, utilizes GPT-4 to help users navigate biometric strategies for creative and environmentally friendly solutions, demonstrating the practical application of AI in replicating nature’s ingenuity for human challenges.

Phind Model beats GPT-4 at coding, with GPT-3.5-like speed and 16k context Releasing its 7th generation model, the new model surpasses GPT-4 in coding with a speed five times faster and maintains a high context capacity of up to 16k tokens. Fine-tuned on over 70 billion tokens of code and problem-solving content, it offers rapid, high-quality technical solutions, achieving a 74.7% pass rate on HumanEval. Despite some consistency challenges, Phind’s model is gaining preference in the coding community for its real-world efficiency.

5 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Empy.ai is an AI-driven tool that enhances team dynamics and conflict resolution in Slack with psychotherapy insights.

Onepane.ai streamlines cloud management, providing real-time oversight across functions. It emphasizes standardization, resource optimization, and change tracking to improve cloud governance and agility, all through a user-friendly dashboard for cross-functional teams.

Docus.ai combines AI and expert doctor insights to quickly diagnose health issues. It provides an AI-generated health report based on symptoms and tests, which can be validated by top US and EU doctors, aiming to bring healthcare diagnoses into the modern age.

Gems is an AI knowledge assistant that synthesizes information from Notion, Gmail, and other tools, offering personalized answers and memory support for enhanced productivity.

Tabula offers a no-code platform for business and data teams to manage and analyze data. It supports data-driven decisions with visual reports, AI assistance, natural language commands, and SQL/no-code options, connecting over 150 sources for integrated insights.

​Voxxio transforms spoken ideas into visual storyboards using AI, with customizable art styles and panels. It offers speech-to-storyboard conversion, watermarking, and PDF export features for smooth storyboard creation.

Novita.ai provides extensive AI image generation and editing capabilities with over 100 APIs and 10,000+ models. It offers cost-effective Pay-As-You-Go access, custom model creation, and easy integration for enhancing applications with advanced image features like text-to-image, editing, and upscaling.

RivalFlowAI optimizes web content for SEO without the need for analytics tools, offering easy improvements, and AI-assisted edits to outrank competitors, aiming to boost search rankings within 10 days.

CoPilot.Live is an AI-powered personalized assistant by Fynd, offering hyper-personalized experiences with custom data, it integrates with various devices and platforms, simplifying tasks from website interaction to code crafting. It stands out with its LLM support.

Mubert Render 2.0 offers AI-generated, royalty-free music tailored for content creators, featuring new tools for converting images and text into unique soundtracks. The platform now integrates with Adobe, sports a revamped UI, and ensures easy licensing, with a special discount for annual plans.

arXiv is a free online library where scientists share their research papers before they are published. Here are the top AI papers for today.

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