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Good morning. It’s Monday, May 20th.

Did you know: On this day in 2006, Apple opened its iconic Fifth Avenue retail store in New York City.

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Today’s trending AI news stories

OpenAI Dissolves Team Focused on “Long-term AI Risks” Less Than One Year After Announcing It

OpenAI has disbanded its superalignment team, created less than a year ago to address long-term AI risks. The team’s dissolution follows the departures of its leaders, Ilya Sutskever and Jan Leike, who cited disagreements over the company's priorities and resource allocation. Sutskever, a co-founder and key figure at OpenAI, and Leike both expressed concerns that safety processes were being overshadowed by product development. The superalignment team's work will be integrated into other research efforts at OpenAI. Read more.

ChatGPT Now Lets Users Upload From Google Drive and OneDrive Directly

OpenAI rolls out a nifty update, letting ChatGPT users bypass the tedium of file downloads by directly importing from Google Drive and OneDrive for analysis. No more redundant downloads and uploads.

This enhancement, exclusive to paying users, turbocharges data analytics, offering swift access to a plethora of file formats. Powered by GPT-4o, ChatGPT now comprehends natural language instructions for Python scripting, dataset manipulation, and chart crafting. Moreover, users can now engage with generated tables and charts, tweaking visualizations like a boss and diving deep into data cells. Read more.

Apple and OpenAI Plan Major Announcement at WWDC 

Apple and OpenAI are teaming up for a significant revelation at WWDC (June 10-14), aiming to embed OpenAI's tech into iOS 18. Industry insider Mark Gurman suggests this may involve OpenAI scaling its infrastructure for a significant user influx.

Apple, historically focused on on-device AI, appears to be exploring cloud-based solutions, evidenced by recent data center upgrades. Speculated functionalities include a Siri overhaul, automated notification and news summaries, and voice memo transcription.

Despite conceding its AI lag, Apple deems its models combined with OpenAI sufficient for now, pushing back immediate plans for a proprietary chatbot. Talks with Google on Gemini integration persist, and Apple might revisit its search engine stance, though Google's hefty annual payout complicates matters. Read more.

Gemini 1.5 Pro is now the most capable LLM on the market, according to Google's benchmarks: Google declares its Large Language Model (LLM) champion, Gemini 1.5 Pro, now reigns supreme. After months of tweaking by DeepMind's A-team (Jeff Dean and Oriol Vinyals), benchmarks suggest Gemini outperforms previous iterations and even GPT-4 Turbo in most text and visual challenges. Read more.

ORBIT-Surgical uses Nvidia's physics simulation and ray tracing to train surgical robots: The surgical robotics arena welcomes a new player: ORBIT-Surgical. This open-source framework, a collaborative effort by a team from UC Berkeley, University of Toronto, and Nvidia, leverages Nvidia's cutting-edge physics simulation and ray-tracing tech to accelerate the learning curve of robot-assisted surgery. Read more.

Slack under attack over sneaky AI training policy: Slack's AI training policy faces a technical snafu, raising user concerns about data pipelines. Critics point to the platform's unclear data provenance for AI development, lamenting the lack of user-friendly opt-out mechanisms. The controversy stemmed from a Hacker News post highlighting Slack's default enrollment in AI training, sparking a flurry of online discourse. Read more.

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5 new AI-powered tools from around the web

ChatPlayground AI integrates 10 leading chatbots into one platform, offering diverse outputs and six additional features for the same price as a single premium service.

User Evaluation AI is an AI-driven research agent that conducts and analyzes user interviews, providing audio, transcripts, and detailed summaries.

Buffup.AI is a user-friendly AI assistant powered by ChatGPT-4o, offering thousands of user-released bots and advanced intent recognition for tailored interactions.

Andre AI automates survey data analysis, generating insightful reports with visualizations and synthesis slides. Streamlines the process by emphasizing narratives over raw data.

ContentPie is an AI-powered tool for generating SEO-optimized articles and on-brand images, supporting over 150 languages, and integrating with Webflow, WordPress, and Shopify.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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