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  • OpenAI Leakers Fired, Humane AI Pin Review, and The "Midjourney" For Music Generation

OpenAI Leakers Fired, Humane AI Pin Review, and The "Midjourney" For Music Generation

Plus, Apple's M4 Chip and "Infinite Context" LLM Paper

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Good morning. It’s Friday, April 12th.

Did you know: On this day in 1976, the Apple 1 was released?

In today’s email:

  • OpenAI Leakers Fired

  • Udio: The Midjourney of AI Music

  • Apple’s M4 Chip

  • Humane AI Pin Review

  • 10 New AI Tools

  • Latest AI Research Papers

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Today’s trending AI news stories

OpenAI Fires Two Researchers for Alleged Leaking

OpenAI reportedly dismissed AI researchers Leopold Aschenbrenner and Pavel Izmailov following an internal investigation into a suspected information leak, according to The Information.

Aschenbrenner, previously affiliated with OpenAI's safety team led by Chief Scientist Ilya Sutskever, is known for his work in safe AI development. Both researchers reportedly transitione

d from the safety team to the reasoning research team before their dismissal.

The exact nature of the leaked information remains undisclosed, though reports suggest it may be connected to Project Q*. Read more.

Udio: The Midjourney for AI Music

Former Google DeepMind researchers have introduced Udio to the AI music generation market, competing with established players like Stable Diffusion and Suno AI.

Udio's public launch almost immediately overwhelmed the servers, prompting users to check back when requests die down. The company boasts up to 600 free creations per month without the need to register for a paid account.

Udio distinguished itself with superior user experience and musicality compared to the popular Suno AI. A review by Sabrina Ortiz claims its superior results in ease of use and musicality, though longer-than-expected wait times marred the experience.

Despite launch-day glitches, Udio's incredible potential warrants further exploration for its rich music output and extensive personalization options. Check in on the domain often to see if it goes live (we’ll also announce when we notice usage rates becoming more available) Read more.

Apple to Refresh Macs with AI-Focused M4 Chips

Apple is reportedly gearing up to introduce M4 chips across its Mac lineup, with a focus on enhancing AI functionality.

According to Bloomberg, the rollout is expected to begin in 2024, starting with select models like the iMac, MacBook Pro, and Mac mini, followed by updates to the MacBook Air in 2025.

The M4 chips, internally named Donan, Brava, and Hydra, are said to offer improved AI capabilities and increased RAM support (500GB).

Amidst declining Mac sales, Apple sees this upgrade as a strategic move to potentially boost market performance. Further details are anticipated to be revealed at the Worldwide Developer Conference in June. Read more.

Humane AI Pin Review: “Not even close”

The Verge Reviewed Humane's Ambitious (and Pricey) AI Pin

Reviewed by David Pierce from The Verge, Humane's AI Pin, priced at $699 with a $24 monthly subscription, aspires to diminish smartphone reliance.

However, it falls short, grappling with functionality issues. Operating via CosmOS, an AI assistant, it manages tasks like calls and texts. Yet, reliability is inconsistent, often failing basic functions like setting alarms.

Despite its sleek design and robust build, overheating and battery drainage persist. The projector interface, though innovative, lacks usability. While offering glimpses into a screenless future, the AI Pin's current iteration struggles to justify its price and subscription model. Read more.

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Stories you may have missed

10 new AI-powered tools from around the web

HyperDoc utilizes AI to condense sales materials into flashcards, aiding in faster deal closures. It organizes, summarizes, and tailors pitches for optimal sales success.

V7 Go leverages GenAI to automate diverse tasks efficiently and reliably at scale. It converts images and documents into structured data, enhancing productivity.

GoProfiles pioneers AI-powered employee platform, fostering shared connections, celebrating wins, and enhancing company culture through peer recognition and directories.

Infinity AI offers an AI-video generation tool enabling quick creation of meme videos. Type a script, select actors, and get a video out in minutes.

Prelaunch AI Idea Validator swiftly transforms ideas into product pages, gathering feedback from friends and a 200-million-people panel to validate concepts rapidly.

Musho, is an AI design assistant in Figma that instantly crafts professional websites from prompts, offering layouts, styling, responsiveness, and AI-generated content making it accessible to all.

TopView.ai is an AI-powered video editor streamlining scriptwriting, shot selection, editing, and narration. Ideal for marketing, multilingual content, and maximizing ROI.

Seatext AI enhances website optimization and content testing with a 5x performance boost. It supports 200+ platforms, multivariate tests, and monthly conversion rate growth.

GMTech is a comprehensive AI comparison platform enabling users to evaluate leading language models and image generators in a single application.

Canyon streamlines job search and applications with an AI Resume Builder, Resume Score, autofill, organization tools, interview preparation, and browser extension.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

One could theoretically upload an unlimited amount of documents into a single prompt for a more advanced, thorough analysis that may eliminate hallucinations from the LLM.


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