OpenAI Is Rebooting Its Robotics Team

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Today’s trending AI news stories

A Top Secret Meeting In Spain With CEOs of Google DeepMind, Anthropic and Microsoft AI

CEOs from Google DeepMind, Anthropic, and Microsoft AI are gathering for the annual Bilderberg Meeting in Madrid, Spain, where AI's prominence in global affairs is set to dominate discussions. Alongside tech luminaries, attendees include CEOs from Citigroup, Pfizer, and Shell, as well as political figures like U.S. Deputy Treasury Secretary Wally Adeyemo.

The meeting, steeped in secrecy and subject to Chatham House rules, facilitates candid discussions on topics ranging from AI's impact on society to geopolitical tensions involving China and Russia. This year's agenda covers pressing issues such as AI safety, the future of warfare, and geopolitical landscapes, reflecting the evolving global landscape. Read more.

OpenAI Is Rebooting Its Robotics Team

OpenAI is relaunching its robotics team after discontinuing efforts in 2020. It is currently hiring research engineers to rebuild the team, which has existed for about two months, according to Forbes. While OpenAI has not publicly announced its robotics initiatives, recent job listings suggest new hires will collaborate with external partners and train AI models.

OpenAI's in-house startup fund has invested in companies like Figure AI, 1X Technologies, and Physical Intelligence, indicating a renewed interest in robotics. Figure AI, for instance, demonstrated a robot with speech and reasoning skills powered by OpenAI models.

This suggests OpenAI might be aiming to become the "brains" behind the brawn of robotics, providing technology to other companies rather than competing directly. This relaunch comes amid high-level staff departures and external challenges, with the prior robotics effort succumbing to a lack of training data in 2020. This time around, OpenAI seems to be leveraging advancements in AI to fuel robotics development, marking a strategic pivot. Read more. (Paywall Bypass Link)

Anthropic’s Claude can now use tools

Anthropic has launched "Tool Use" across its Claude 3 model family, enabling the AI to interact with external tools and APIs. Available on the Anthropic Messages API, Amazon Bedrock, and Google Cloud's Vertex AI, this feature allows Claude to execute tasks, manipulate data, and provide dynamic responses. Claude can extract structured data from text, convert natural language into structured API calls, and automate tasks through software APIs. It can also orchestrate multiple subagents for complex tasks, enhancing the developer experience with real-time responses and customizable tool selection.

StudyFetch utilizes these capabilities in its AI tutor, Spark.E, leading to a 42% increase in positive feedback. Intuned employs Claude for data extraction in its cloud platform, benefiting from its speed and reliability. Hebbia leverages Claude for generating live suggestions and automating workflows in financial and legal services. Tool Use is now accessible for developers via detailed documentation and tutorials. Read more.

Etcetera: Stories you may have missed

10 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Bypass AI assists content creators, marketers, and businesses in bypassing AI content filters, ensuring humanized text reaches the intended audience without altering the original message.

AI Notebook organizes text, images, audio, and YouTube videos on your phone, offering an AI-powered note-taking experience with integrated real-time transcription and smart search.

Graphite AI SEO Platform enhances traffic and revenue by focusing on impactful SEO tasks, using AI to optimize content for topics rather than keywords.

Milvus Lite is a lightweight version of Milvus vectorDB, is easily pip-installed on Jupyter notebooks or laptops, integrating with 20+ GenAI tools for streamlined vector search.

Colormind is an AI-powered color palette generator using deep learning to create color schemes from photos, movies, and art, ideal for designers and creatives.

SermoAI is an AI-powered assistant for banks and fintech companies, providing multilingual, privacy-compliant client support, specializing in financial terminology, and ensuring 24/7 personalized service.

Intellectia.AI is an AI-driven stock research platform that simplifies investment decisions by providing financial data, stock analysis, recommendations, and research creation tools for investors, all within a single platform.

Grimo AI (Alpha) integrates features of Obsidian, GitHub, and Quora, providing a knowledge engine for efficient learning and content organization in one platform.

Cascadeur 2.0 allows AI-powered editing and cleanup of animation, motion capture data, and assets, simplifying the creation of editable keyframes and interpolations.

eezyCollab is an AI-powered influencer marketing tool that quickly identifies niche influencers and sends bulk emails, simplifying campaign creation and management.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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