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OpenAI's Assistants, Boston Dynamics' Electric Humanoid, and AI Talking Heads

Good morning. It’s Friday, April 19th.

Did you know: Today in 1965, Electronics magazine published an article by Gordon Moore, in which he predicted that the number of transistors in an integrated circuit would double every year. In 1975, he revised his prediction to every 2 years. This phenomenon would become known as Moore's Law.

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Today’s trending AI news stories

OpenAI's Assistants API Gets Major Update with Improved File Search, Vector Storage, and More

OpenAI upgraded its Assistants API, offering developers a suite of new features to streamline workflows. The update centers on enhanced file handling, with the new file search tool ingesting 500 times more data (up to 10,000 files per Assistant) and vector store objects automating file processing for efficient searching.

Developers also gain granular control over token usage and common model parameters like temperature and peak P-value. For the first time, the API allows using fine-tuned models, though currently limited to gpt-3.5-turbo-0125.

The API now also supports data streaming, with helper functions included in the OpenAI Node.js and Python SDKs. These improvements collectively aim to empower developers by simplifying data handling and offering more control when interacting with OpenAI's large language models through the Assistants API. Read more.

Boston Dynamics’ New Humanoid Moves Like No Robot You’ve Ever Seen

Boston Dynamics introduces the all-electric Atlas, a next-generation humanoid robot replacing its hydraulic predecessor with 360-degree electric joints for enhanced agility and functionality.

This shift from bulky hydraulics to a lighter, more efficient electric system represents a significant advancement in humanoid robotics.

The 360-degree electric joints offer unprecedented mobility, overcoming limitations imposed by hydraulic lines. However, ensuring stability and mitigating safety concerns remain challenges in transitioning to electric power. Read more.

Microsoft's VASA-1 Makes Realistic Talking Faces From Images and Speech 

Microsoft's VASA-1 generates real-time, high-resolution talking faces with emotional nuance from single images and audio, enabling independent control of facial features for versatile video editing.

Watch the demo

This AI model surpasses lip-syncing by incorporating natural head movements, expressions, and user control over gaze, distance, and emotions.

VASA-1 efficiently handles unexpected inputs like artistic photos or non-English speech. Its disentanglement approach separates facial features, head position, and expressions for independent editing within videos.

Notably, VASA-1 achieves real-time performance, generating high-resolution videos at impressive frame rates. Read more.

🖇️ Etcetera - Stories you may have missed

10 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Tabnine is an AI coding assistant enhancing code quality and developer efficiency with personalized recommendations, switchable AI models, and an onboarding agent.

ShiftX AI simplifies complex processes by generating intuitive workflows using AI, enhancing team efficiency and facilitating process improvement.

Verta RAG System enables quick creation of custom AI models from private data sources, leveraging pre-trained LLMs for efficient knowledge retrieval and generation.

AlphaCorp AI facilitates group chatting with various AI models under one subscription, allowing comparison and AI-to-AI simulations for enhanced collaboration.

OptimateAI centralizes sales operations, enabling fast payments, multiple payment options, KPI tracking, team motivation, and easy commission payouts, streamlining business growth.

SpeedLegal utilizes AI to expedite contract review, flagging risks and proposing edits. Suited for diverse users, it streamlines contract comprehension, saving time and costs.

mindECHO streamlines information retrieval from personal web content collections. Users query their saved items for tailored answers, ideal for managing large digital resources efficiently.

Mailsplash is an email marketing tool, simplifies campaign creation with AI-enhanced copywriting and customizable design styles.

Insight7 3.0 streamlines interview analysis across video, audio, or text. Automates insights extraction for informed decision-making.

GitLoop enhances codebase interaction for developers. Features include natural language search, bug detection, and personalized AI agents, streamlining development processes.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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