The Open-Source Robot for Chores

Good morning. It’s Monday, June 10th.

Did you know: On this day in 1985, Microsoft and IBM entered into a joint development agreement to co-develop the OS/2 operating system. This agreement fell through in the early '90s, after which IBM became the sole developer of OS/2.

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Today’s trending AI news stories

Apple's WWDC is reportedly all about Apple Intelligence

Apple's WWDC is anticipated to spotlight extensive AI advancements dubbed "Apple Intelligence" for iPhone, iPad, and Mac, per Bloomberg's Mark Gurman. The keynote is rumored to heavily emphasize AI, demonstrating functionalities designed to optimize user experience.

Key areas of interest include improvements to Siri, privacy considerations, and on-device AI capabilities. Apple's approach, focusing on efficiency and on-device processing, stands in contrast to competitors relying on large server farms.

The conference is also expected to address other software upgrades and potentially expand on the Vision Pro virtual and augmented reality headset. These advancements aim to leverage AI software to invigorate hardware sales – with a focus on user convenience, privacy, and device compatibility – in a softening market.

However, expectations for dedicated AI functionalities like image/video generation or new hardware announcements at WWDC remain modest. Read more.

Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics Show Off Open Source Robot That Does Chores  

Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics join forces to reveal their collaborative masterpiece: an open-source humanoid robot named Reachy2. Developed under Hugging Face's Le Robot initiative, Reachy2 showcases the symbiotic blend of AI and robotics. Remi Cadene, a former Tesla engineer, elucidated the innovative training regimen behind Reachy2, combining teleoperation with machine learning algorithms.

This amalgamation enables Reachy2 to execute household chores and safely interact with humans, underpinned by 40,000 to 60,000 steps of rigorous training. Leveraging open-source ethos, Hugging Face and Pollen Robotics democratize robotics by releasing datasets and trained models for community use.

With Reachy2 poised for imminent release, the collaboration underscores Pollen Robotics' commitment to accessible and ethical robotics. Read more.

OpenAI's New Method Shows How GPT-4 "thinks" In Human-understandable Concepts

OpenAI introduces a method to dissect the internal mechanisms of GPT-4, revealing 16 million potentially interpretable patterns, aiding in understanding AI model safety and robustness. Employing scaled "sparse autoencoders," OpenAI aims to transform complex GPT-4 activation patterns into concise features understandable by humans. Each feature ideally corresponds to a human-interpretable concept within GPT-4.

While this method identifies specific concepts like human flaws and ML training logs, complete model behavior mapping remains challenging. The key obstacle lies in scaling the technique to billions or trillions of features. OpenAI releases a paper, Github source code, and an interactive visualizer for the autoencoder's learned features. Competitor Anthropic also explores model interpretability, emphasizing scalability challenges. Read more.

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5 new AI-powered tools from around the web

Peek is an AI browser tab organizer, auto-grouping and summarizing tabs, integrating notes, prioritizing tasks, and enhancing productivity in major browsers.

FANCY provides subscription-based design services for Web3, AI, Fintech, and eCommerce, offering expert designers, fast communication, and unlimited revisions.

DomoAI is an AI-powered art generation tool, transforms text to images, static images to videos, and anime to realistic photos, enhancing creativity and saving design time.

LocalhostAI is a free, private, offline AI assistant enhancing productivity with Chrome and Gemini Nano, offering fast, open-source AI models.

OpinioAI is an AI-powered research platform offering data analysis, creative evaluation, and insight generation. Key features include real-time data processing, predictive analytics, customer sentiment analysis, idea testing, and integration capabilities.

arXiv is a free online library where researchers share pre-publication papers.

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